Bloko’s features

The original Bloko range is the most complete of this toy classic. Worship, Bloko is a must that allows your children to build, destroy, re-build to infinity with Bloko pieces of varying sizes, colors and shapes. The unlimited possibilities of combinations are the best way for the child to create his own stories and universe in which he will evolve.

Playful, this game has no limit: the child can build what he wants, anywhere, even in the bath. This product is part of the authentic Bloko range, a guarantee of quality and safety for the youngest. This is the easiest construction game to assemble.

The Bloko come together and allow the children to develop their imagination, their creativity and their skill. Movement coordination, motor skills and spatial tracking are also refined.

Bloko is thus accessible to children from 12 months and accompanies them well beyond as they grow up and develop their skills.

Because we demand high quality for our children, Bloko toys are made with non-toxic and non-allergic flexible materials. The original Bloko range is designed in France and manufactured in Europe.

Bloko in some characteristics …

Designed in France

All Bloko toys are designed next to Rouen in Normandy. This French location is very important to us.

Made in Europe

The Bloko range is manufactured exclusively in Europe, guaranteeing superior quality.

Demanding quality

Bloko toys are made with flexible, non-toxic and non-allergic materials.

Security and Compliance

Strict quality monitoring is undertaken throughout the process in relation to the standards in force.

Hygiene and quality

Did you know ? You can wash all parts with water and even in the dishwasher thanks to the demanding quality of the Bloko range. Hygiene for young children is thus guaranteed. This characteristic, in addition to the choice of flexible, non-toxic and non-allergic materials, makes Bloko the ideal toy for all children from 12 months who can play safely.

The ideal toy for all children

Shimmering colors


Develops the imagination


Very easy assembly


Manipulation of forms


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